Frequently asked questions

  • What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Saturday, 10am-7pm. Please call or e-mail to inquire about holiday hours.

  • do I need an appointment?

Appointments are always recommended, especially for brides and bridesmaids. However the only days we encourage appointments are weekends, Fridays and Saturdays. Walks-ins are always welcome however if we are busy with appointments there maybe a slight wait. If you have to walk-in it is best to do so during the week when it is typically slower.

  • why is it recommended to have an appointment?

Most importantly an appointment guarantees you a fitting room, we only have four fitting rooms available to use at one time so on a busy day they can fill up fast. Also one of our talented stylists will be available to help you in your journey to finding the perfect bridal attire for you and your party. If you walk-in you may have to wait for a fitting room and stylists.

  • do you have to order your dresses or can you buy off the rack?

Typically we order our gowns, we have a sample you try on in the store and if you like it we measure you and order the correct size and color. Bridal gowns take an average of 4-6 months to order, while bridesmaids take 3-4 months (some designers offer rush shipping for an extra fee).

If you do not have time to order you can purchase a sample off the rack. All of the sales gowns are sold exclusively off the floor as well.

  • what is the price range for your wedding gowns and bridesmaids?

Our wedding dresses can really vary depending on style and designer, however all of our running stock is under $2,000 with the average being $750-$1500. We do have a year round sample sale where we sell discontinued dresses off the rack, those start at 30% off the retail price with some as low as $99.

Our bridesmaids dresses typically run between $150-$250 depending on length and designer. We do offer group rates, and discounts if you purchase your wedding gown through us.

  • do you carry plus size samples in the store?

We do offer a selection of plus size wedding gowns. We carry the Julietta line by Mori Lee that is exclusively made in sizes 16W-30W. There are also a few samples mixed in with our other collections that vary between size 18-22.

Our bridesmaids dresses are more limited in sizes available to try on in store as the designers choose the size and color of the samples we receive. The average bridesmaid sample ranges between a size 8-14. There are a few exceptions, and most of the time one of our talented stylists can clip dresses to show you how they will appear when ordered in the correct size, and help you find a dress that will suit all the body types of your bridal party.

  • What is the process of purchasing a dress?

Whether we order you a gown or you buy one off the rack we  require a deposit of 50% the purchase cost up-front, the dress then is yours and needs to be paid off completely before you take the gown or do alterations with us.

If you do an order you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us regarding your purchase, and then a phone call when it arrives in store.

  • are all sales final? Can i return or exchange an item?

All sales, whether for an order or off the rack, are final sale with no exceptions. This is fairly standard practice for all bridal stores. The reason being is when we order your gown we are using the deposit to purchase the item from the designer who is making it specifically for you. Once we place the order the designer will not cancel it, so if you change your mind and want a refund we are unable to get your deposit back and we will receive the item regardless. That is why we stress that you are positive and confident in your purchase before buying with us, because you sign a contract on our store receipts stating all sales are final.

Also if you buy something off the rack it is now your item and we are placing it in the back of the shop, meaning we are unable to sell it other customers. That is why even with garments that are not ordered we do not exchange or refund sales.

  • are alterations included in the price of the dress?

Alterations are not included in the price of the dress, as is the custom in most bridal shops. Even though we have a seamstress on staff she is a separate entity and the work she does is an extra cost. However her rates are extremely affordable and we try to order the best size possible to make alterations a minimum cost. If you have more questions regarding alterations please call or e-mail us.

  • can you accommodate large groups in your shop?

We will work with you if you would like to bring a large group during an appointment however this may limit when you can come in as our store has a small seating area we also have to leave open for other customers as well. Large groups are better suited to appointments during the week. We recommend smaller groups around 2-3 guests, sometimes bringing too many onlookers can be overwhelming for the bride. Please note an appointment guarantees a room but seating for guests still may be limited.