Bridal Trend | Convertible Bridesmaids

It is becoming a more common trend to provide unique styles for bridesmaids. Brides are looking for dresses that will give their bridal party an independent edge. Convertible bridesmaids are a great way to keep your bridesmaids cohesive while allowing them comfort in their own personal style.

We are proud to carry several variations of convertible bridesmaids dresses at Modern Bridal.

  1. Wtoo Chiffon (800) & Bobbinet (852) Convertible Gown – Provides 6+ Style Variations

This unique convertible style is offered in two stunning materials allowing for a wide range of colors and looks.

2. Impression Bridal 20165 & 20163 Stretch Convertible Gown

This chic design by Impression provides a sleeker and more contemporary take convertible gown.


The stretch material provides a sexy look while also being lightweight and comfortable.

3. Sorella Vita ‘Maid Your Way’ Convertible Gown – Provides 18 Unique Style Options


The ‘Maid Your Way’ gown by Sorella Vita is the most diverse convertible design offered at Modern Bridal. Not only does this design offer a variety of styles but is also available in long, short, and ombre color options.

Call or e-mail us to make if you would like more information on our convertible bridesmaid styles.

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